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We think you will really enjoy the new resource of Iconki.com, which makes it even easier to find and download FREE icons pack.

Here at Iconki.com you'll find a collection of beautiful Desktop Icons Themes, Application icons, Toolbar icons, tools and more for your computers. Many different categories to choose from.
We are continuously searching to bring you the best, so you don't have to.
Also provides information to create icons, and software utilities for creating them. Authors submission accepted.

Iconki.com is a very popular Web site to download the icons, toolbar icons, icon sets, these images are available in different niches and can be downloaded in a variety of sizes and formats.

If you are looking for web graphics this is the most extensive source of images.

If you are looking for XP icons, toolbar icons, an icon pack devoted to a specific theme or other icon images, Iconki.com is the Mecca of graphic designs, if you want it; this set probably has it. The site is known for one of the most inclusive databases of icons and other graphic images that you can find anywhere on the internet. Particularly admirable is their collection of business icons which encompasses almost every category that you can think of; from currency, to personnel and from office paraphernalia to automobiles, aircrafts and other transportation images; the site has a vast array of them all.

Then you have the large weather icons and this category includes all the icon images that you will possibly need when designing a weather related business website or in mobile gadgets, software and weather portals. The images are available in an assortment of sizes ranging from 16x16 to the slightly larger 32x32 ico and even the 256x256 that will be appropriate for the older versions of Windows.

Then you also have a choice of medical icons; these images cover almost all medicine related functions that you may incorporate in an application. One of the favorites is the category of large people icons; these are perfect for any product or service. They are stylish and the images are ideal for almost all occupations. If you are looking for icons that are as impressive as the graphics used in Vista; the site also has a large collection of such icons.

If you are making an accounting, financial or human resource related application you simply cannot do without these professionally designed icons. You can buy them in singular pieces or an icon pack. You can also rummage the site for toolbar icons, XP icons and other icon images. Just about anybody can afford them from people who want to customize their desktops by using these images to professional website designers and application makers. Downloading them is equally easy, simply chose an icon library devoted to a specific niche that you want, pay for them and they can be downloaded to your computer in a few minutes flat.

Whether you get a single image or a an entire series, all icons are in an assortment of graphic file formats that include GIF, ICO, PNG, JPEG, BMP and the other popular formats. Also, you simply cannot ignore their importance in improving the aesthetic value and the user friendliness of an application interface. So the next time you are looking for custom icons, simply visit Iconki.com and get your heart out.

All files submitted to this site are from independent authors, we do not have the resources to check the contents of these files for copyright infringements. We assume that the authors have given full credit where required. However, sometimes an infringement can still occur. If this is the case, and you own the copyright and wish to have the file removed, please inform us, and we will notify the author and remove the file


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32x32 Application Developer icons

32x32 Application Developer icons


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